Wedding Groom’s Speech


Without doubt, one of the most daunting prospects of a wedding is the speech the Groom has to give. For most Grooms, this will be their first ever public speaking engagement, a prospect, most look forward to with dread.Bridegroom Speech

Some take consolation in that 2 other people have to share this grief also – The Father of the Bride and the Best Man – both of whom are also expected to speak, and on occasions, ‘the Maid of Honour’ too.

However, despite this, the Wedding Groom’s speech is truly the most important – as the Bride’s Father is expected to be emotional (losing a daughter) and the Best Man to be both revealing and entertaining (providing he is not drunk by now). Some have said that the future of the Groom’s relationship with the in-laws depends largely on the quality of the speech he gives during the wedding reception.

Order of Ceremony

Traditionally the Bride’s Father is the first to speak. He welcomes the guests, and thanks them for coming. He would normally be expected to say some tender, emotional words about his daughter and (hopefully) saying some positive things about his new son-in-law – who he now welcomes to the family.

He then hands over to the Groom who has to give the speech, upon which, his future relationship depends. You can be sure that both of the in-laws, and the Bride herself, will remember what is said for many years to come.

It is essential for the Groom to praise his new wife and her family and to say ‘how lucky he is’ to have become part of their lives. He must also thank the Best Man, The Ushers, Bridesmaids, and all helpers to the event.

The Best Man then speaks and is expected to be the real star, mixing humour with praise and telling everyone, what type of guy the Bridegroom really is. This speech has been described as ‘a mixture of stand-up comedy and ritual humiliation’.

Key Essentials of the Grooms Speech

There are 7 key areas to be covered:

  1. Thank the Father-in-law for his kind words and helping with the arrangements
  2. Thank the Bride’s family for welcoming you into their lives and especially the Bride’s Mother
  3. Thank your own family for the marvellous upbringing you have had (adding one or two amusing anecdotes about your past).
  4. Thank the Bridesmaids for all of their work and say how lovely they each look.
  5. Thank the Best Man and everyone who has had a hand in making the event so successful (name as many as you can without becoming laborious).
  6. MOST importantly – speak about your new Wife; how much you love her, how you met and how your life has, and will, change as a result of the marriage.
  7. Hand over to the Best Man and say something amusing about him, and tell the audience not to believe everything he says about you.

The speech should last no more than 10 minutes, and, if possible, you should engender emotions from the audience which include: laughter, tears and cheering.

Now whilst the above provides you with the recommended format, the speech itself is another thing.

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